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Best computer store in Ottawa

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By: SillySusie
Date: Jul 12, 2007
In my dealings with ShopRBC it has become clear to me that it is run by knowledgeable PC enthusiasts who not only understand what they sell but understand the value of a satisfied customer. All of the PC enthusiasts I know now use ShopRBC because they carry what they need at competitive pricing.

This order was for a full custom quiet PC from ShopRBC. They had everything I needed to build a real silent computing PC. They answered all of my e-mailed pre-sales questions and even priced matched a high-end component. After placing the order they replied almost instantly that one of the parts I ordered (graphics card) was out of stock and offered to replace it with a higher priced in-stock part at no extra cost... fine. When I received my PC it was very well put together, all the custom parts (quiet PSU, copper HSF, etc.) where well installed, with attention to details, like clean tied wires, silicon and rubber anti-vibration insulators everywhere. Everything was clean, solid and new and worked great. But I did notice that for one part, the DVD writer, the model number was not exactly the same I ordered. The one I had ordered did not have a matching color faceplate for my PC, the one they installed did. I sent them an inquiring e-mail, they immediately replied apoligizing and quickly exchanged the DVD unit with the correct model, including the matching color faceplate for free that I was too cheap to pay for in the first place. It's the best, most silent PC I've ever had, I love it.

If you want a new, hard to find part, try ShopRBC, and if it's not listed there, e-mail them or post in their forum, they might just get it/add it.

So I never give all high marks, but in this case, from selection to prices to after sales support I just can't find fault. I mean they are human, mistakes can happen, but they make made me feel like they'll do anything they can to make me happy.
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